Reason why you really want to recommend a face depilation course for Dione

I am worried about a wide range of unwanted hair such as arms, legs, back, but from the standpoint that it stands out and stands out, the unwanted hair of the face is also anxious.

However, because it is only a prominent part, it will become very cautious about depilation treatment.

For example, shaving your face as if you used a razor by self treatment is a work that is courageous.

Even if you use a razor for shaving, to use a razor to match the irregularities of the face, after all it does hyakumiya.

Also, should any injury occur, not only the face but also the heart may be hurt.

As it is a delicate part, it is better to leave hair depiled by professional hands as well.

Face depilation of salon “Dione” which is rapidly rising in popularity now is such a salon that I want you to undergo treatment for those who are concerned about facial waste hair.

The secret of the popularity of Dione is that it adopts “hyperskin hair removal”.

In this depilation method, we destroy “seeds” that waste hair is about to come up.

It prevents unwanted hair from growing.

Since it destroys only deep inside of waste hair, there is no burden on your skin beyond laser hair removal.

There is no such thing as this hyperskin hair loss, such as the pain that I feel with laser hair removal.

Also, the heat feeling with laser hair removal is not this hyperskin hair removal.

I will do the operation at a temperature of 36 degrees to 38 degrees, so if you feel warmth you will not feel “heatiness”.

Hyperskin depilation also works on turnover of your skin, so it also leads to improvement of acne and dullness.

Even those with troubles such as rough skin can receive treatment safely.

Although the hair loss of such face of Dione, the charge is 36,000 yen in six times.

I think that it is quite profitable to be able to receive treatment at 6,000 yen once.

Incidentally, in the case of the 12th course, it is 60,000 yen.

As much as the number of times, the treatment fee per treatment is a little profitable.

For those who think that they want to do hair loss on the face in full scale, Dione may be a perfect hair removal salon.