In order to increase the hair removal effect, let’s try to remove hair by calculating the hair cycle!

Well heard words such as when counseling hair loss salon “hair cycle”.

What is this “hair cycle” about?

Human hair has a certain cycle, from the time to start growing, the time when it starts to grow, and the time when it falls out … and so on.

This cycle is called “hair cycle”.

Each step is “Early Growth” “Growth Period” “Late Growth Period” “Regression Period” “Resting Period”.

It is said that hair removal at the stage of “growth period” among them is most effective for depilation.

Awkwardly, the hair cycle has a slightly different cycle, depending on the place of the body.

Therefore, it is necessary to receive the treatment after knowing each hair cycle properly.

There are people who frequently go to the hair removal salon, but it is hard to get effective, but it may be because the hair cycle of that person and the treatment period of the hair removal saloon do not match well I do not think so.

I think that I can not quite know about my hair cycle.

It may be the best to understand by the staff at the depilation salon.

If you want to further increase the effect of depilation, it is to live sunburn anyway.

Many hair removal salons adopt a hair removal method called laser hair removal.

This epilation method is a mechanism that reacts with melanin pigment of unwanted hair and performs depilation by thermally destroying unwanted hair.

This melanin pigment is of course also found in the skin.

When sunburned, the melanin pigment in the skin will naturally increase, so even if the laser is applied to the skin trying to remove hair from the waste hair, the light will respond to the skin, and unwanted hair can not be processed well, It will be that.

Also, because it will cause a thermal response to the skin, the risk of burning will rise as well.

If you think that you want to do hair loss efficiently, well know about the hair cycle of your body, paint sunscreen cream etc to prevent sunburn.

If you keep these two things firmly, it is surely an early step that you can get the effect of depilation.