If you face hair loss with Dione!

Are you familiar with Osaka’s popular hair removal salon “Dione” which is flooded with reserved people?

The great part of this depilation salon is that you can do “depilation of the face”.

In fact, hair depilation of the face is NG, there are many places in the depilation salon that deals with laser hair removal.

Laser depilation depilation method has less burden on your skin, but there are some pain at laser irradiation.

There is a risk that inflammation will occur because the face has a thin part of the skin.

Also, it is difficult to remove hair from the face, so there are many NG shops.

However, this “Dione” adopts “hyperskin depilation”.

What is this hair removal method is to destroy “hair seeds” before hair grows, to prevent hair growth.

Like laser hair depilation, I irradiate light, but there is no pain from this, and the heat I feel is about the same as or slightly higher than my body temperature.

It does not involve pain, and it is an epoch-making method that allows elementary and junior high school students to carry out depilation treatment because it does not hurt any skin at all .

Because it is such a hair removal method, it is nod to ease hair loss on your face.

Well, although it is such hyperskin depilation, the charge is a slightly higher setting because it is the latest technology.

Normally, if you select a total of 12 courses of facial hair loss, the total fee is 60,000 yen.

When adding maintenance, a charge of 5,000 yen once.

There may be some people who think that “This might be slightly economically feasible …”.

But please be relieved.

Currently in Dione we have a campaign.

Even with a slightly high charge usually there is a campaign called “trial face depilation experience”, and when it receives treatment, it is 3,240 yen!

If this price, I would like to get hair loss with Dionne! Would not it be strong?

Of course, counseling is free.