If you do not want to get an extra fee, be sure to waste hair treatment by day of hair removal!

There are good points to keep in mind when going to the salon to treat unwanted hair.

That means that we will treat unwanted hair once after 3 days from the previous day .

Are you going to go out with hair depilation, do you self-process? Although it may be thought, this process is very important.

I can not irradiate with light hair depression as a state where many hair grows.

I heard that if you talked about it in the past, you had to deliberately stretch your hair.

So it’s a little inconvenient because it’s hard to expose your skin for the length of time you are stretching until you go to the salon.

It seems totally different from before as light hair depilation has become mainstream now.

It depends on the salon, but most salons do not handle shavings left.

Even if there are such services, additional charges will be incurred.

Just because I was not processing, it is hard to pay additional fee apart from the price I pay … ne.

Or if you are not treating unwanted hair, it can not be irradiated with light hair depilation … and it sometimes comes back without treatment.

It is a waste of time and effort that you can go out to get hair loss without difficulty and you want to avoid it.

There is a point I would like you to be careful about when processing it from several days before this day of hair removal to the previous day.

That is, absolutely not to handle with shavings .

When hair is pulled out with a shaving, it seems that light of depilation does not respond to hair root.

Therefore, the effect of depilation can not be obtained.

Treatment with scraping is a long and steady work but it is counterproductive to hair removal ….

This is absolutely the point I want to pay attention to!

It is to use a good razor or electric shaver you think, but good for more skin because the electric shaver, we recommend there.

I think that it is good to remove hair carefully so that there is no shaving left!

Besides that, on the day of depilation it is better not to take a bath and only shower.

If I do not know this kind of thing and I do hair loss all over the body with Shinsaibashi, it will cause trouble in various ways, so I would like to know for trouble avoidance.